Henrik M: Fisker is a complete failure from start to finish?

We already know that the money will cost under $ 40,000 in the entry variant when it is launched in 2021. It will then become a direct competitor to electric car manufacturer Tesla’s upcoming Model Y.

The name of Fisker creation is revealed next week. On Twitter, Henrik Fisker writes that the car will contain a lot of recycled materials, have solar cells on the roof and be completely electric, all for the best of the climate.

The lithium-ion battery that gives the engines power should have a capacity of over 80 kilowatt-hours, which means a range of over 48 km.

Suven will be the first car out of the revived car brand Fisker. Previously, they have presented the Emotion sedan that would have gone into production at the turn of the year, but it has been delayed. The reason should be that the technology with solid-state batteries, which is in the car, is not yet fully developed. Unlike the suv, which will be presented soon, emotion is a low-volume model with a higher price tag.


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