Toyota LQ wants to be your friend

Toyota showcased the electric concept at the Tokyo Auto Show and the letter L in LQ stands for “Love”. Toyota’s goal is for us to become so emotionally attached to the car that it becomes part of us. It is achieved through the artificial intelligence of Yui, who lives in the car.

Yui has a hard look at the driver and knows his needs, everything from seat heating, seat ergonomics or cabin climate needs or that the driver is tired and needs to stop at a resting place. In this case, Yui talks all the way to the resting place with the driver to maintain his attention level and of course the conversation is about things that Yui learned that the driver is engaged in.

Should it be that you do not feel like driving yourself, LQ is self-driving on level 4 of the five-degree scale and can therefore take over the helm. The car can drop off travelers and look for parking yourself.

During the Olympic Games held in Japan in 2020, LQ will act as a companion car in the marathon. There is also the opportunity for the public to take a ride and become friends with Yui.
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