Webasto Diesel Heater for sale

There are several different heating systems today that can be installed in your vehicle and it can seem confusing at first to know the differences. The different systems are quite similar and fulfill the same function: to heat the car to a comfortable temperature. We try to sort out the concepts and if you still feel unsure of what suits you best, you are welcome to contact us. We both sell and assemble all heating systems.

Fuel and Diesel heaters
There are fuel heaters for both petrol and diesel. The fuel heater uses fuel, either diesel or petrol depending on what you have for the car, from the car’s standard fuel tank to heat the coolant. In this way, you warm up the engine so that it is warm and becomes significantly more environmentally friendly at the start of the trip. During the heating, the fan blows heat into the car so that you can sit in a warm car without snow and ice on the windows at the start of the journey.

Parking heater
Many modern cars already have an auxiliary heater fitted to help the engine heat the passenger compartment. This can be upgraded to a parking heater. A parking heater is a permanently installed heating system that is powered by the car’s battery and fuel system. In this way, the passenger compartment heats up and you can sit in a warm car right from the start of your car journey. Also with snow and ice-free windows so you do not have to scratch them. The parking heater also has other good effects because it warms up the car’s engine and thus reduces carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to more gentle driving for both the engine and your surroundings.

Of course, we sell and install complete fuel-powered Webasto and Eberspacher heaters. https://4766.ru/category/eberspacher/

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