Webasto Diesel Heater for sale

There are several different heating systems today that can be installed in your vehicle and it can seem confusing at first to know the differences. The different systems are quite similar and fulfill the same function: to heat the car to a comfortable temperature. We try to sort out the concepts ...

What controls a car for VIN 2021

All European and American cars from 1981 have a unique chassis number of 17 characters. A chassis number has many important uses - among other things, it provides access to important information about a car's history. Chassis numbers also have many other important uses. For example, garages use ...

Seven Generations of Golf

Golf Mk1 - 1974 to 1983 Replacing a bestseller like the people wagon was not easy. The bubble had dominated the market for several decades with its rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive. Now it was replaced by Golf with a front mounted, transverse engine and front wheel drive. Golf Mk1 was ...

Winter time dangerous for pedestrians

One of the underlying causes is believed to be the transition to winter time, when it is already dark. - When we switch to winter time, it affects the visibility of unprotected road users as darkness falls earlier in the afternoon. It may seem obvious, but it is interesting that the statistics ...

Ariya could be the next electric car from Nissan

The 4.6 meter long crossover Ariya is fueled exclusively with electricity and is driven forward by two electric motors, one on each shaft. The vehicle is a further development of the design study IMx from 2017 and should have a four-wheel drive equivalent or better than that of some sports cars. ...

Toyota LQ wants to be your friend

Toyota showcased the electric concept at the Tokyo Auto Show and the letter L in LQ stands for "Love". Toyota's goal is for us to become so emotionally attached to the car that it becomes part of us. It is achieved through the artificial intelligence of Yui, who lives in the car. Yui has a hard ...

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