Seven Generations of Golf

Golf Mk1 - 1974 to 1983 Replacing a bestseller like the people wagon was not easy. The bubble had dominated the market for several decades with its rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive. Now it was replaced by Golf with a front mounted, transverse engine and front wheel drive. Golf Mk1 was ...

Winter time dangerous for pedestrians

One of the underlying causes is believed to be the transition to winter time, when it is already dark. - When we switch to winter time, it affects the visibility of unprotected road users as darkness falls earlier in the afternoon. It may seem obvious, but it is interesting that the statistics ...

Ariya could be the next electric car from Nissan

The 4.6 meter long crossover Ariya is fueled exclusively with electricity and is driven forward by two electric motors, one on each shaft. The vehicle is a further development of the design study IMx from 2017 and should have a four-wheel drive equivalent or better than that of some sports cars. ...

Toyota LQ wants to be your friend

Toyota showcased the electric concept at the Tokyo Auto Show and the letter L in LQ stands for "Love". Toyota's goal is for us to become so emotionally attached to the car that it becomes part of us. It is achieved through the artificial intelligence of Yui, who lives in the car. Yui has a hard ...

New Octavia will appear in November

With its 4.6 meters in length, Octavia has grown 2 centimeters. It has also become 1.5 centimeters wider. The rear seat passengers can enjoy 7.8 centimeters of extra knee space and the luggage compartment of the combi variant can be stowed in 640 liters. According to Skoda, this should be a ...

Rats learned to drive – became less stressed

Researchers at the University of Richmond in the United States built small cars of plastic cans on wheels and taught lab kits to drive them. The floors in the jars were covered with aluminum and the steering wheel consisted of copper bars and when the rodents touched them they could steer the ...

Fiat Chrysler merges with Peugeot Citroën

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which also owns the Jeep, confirms on its website that it will be a merger with French Peugeot SA, which also includes Citroën and Opel. When ticket giants combine their strengths, they become the fourth largest vehicle group in the world if you look at the number ...

Fisker suv should be called Ocean

Now the US-based electric car company with a Danish car designer at the forefront has fished the name of its upcoming creation. Ocean will be the 4.6 meter long, high-build car hot and on January 4, a production-ready prototype will be shown. Ocean is scheduled to go into production by the ...

Every fifth driver is afraid of the car wash

30 percent of Swedes suffer from fear of flying and 45 percent are afraid of swimming in open water. And apparently, automatic car washes are also something to fear. That is, according to 19% of 1,016 motorists who answered in a survey conducted by Yougov on behalf of the Sustainable Car ...

High-pressure cleaner – features

Washing the patio, car, boat or garden furniture can be both tedious and time consuming. With a high pressure washer you can solve the problem - and when you are the building department store when it has to be good we of course offer high pressure washers from well-known brands at low prices! ...

Lexus environmental luxury

The Lexus LS 600h is a top-class four-wheel drive luxury car. But what makes it truly unique is its hybrid operation. Thanks to it, fuel consumption has been able to be squeezed to the same level as a Volvo V70. We have run the test! Now there is even an environmentally friendly alternative ...

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