2022 Polestar 2 Review and Price

Polestar is NOT another name for Volvo. Sad that people are trying to associate the two that closely to make themselves feel better about buying a car that isn't Volvo in anyway. Made in China, owned buy a Chinese conglomerate. Many, many issues with those delivered Polestar vehicles already and ...

2022 Polestar 2 v Tesla Model Y

This is possibly the weirdest comparison I have ever read. You don't talk about any of the same things about each car and it is impossible to read it and have any idea which is better. And several of the ratings do not make sense. e.g. The way you describe the ride quality of each would have led me ...

2023 BMW X1 Review and Price

It's a small price to pay for heated seats and steering wheel for life. Having said that, it'll only be a year or so before Hacks will provide you with the code required via OBD ports. This is the same with a Jeep Gladiator Night Eagle ($75K D/A) versus a Rubicon (88K D/A). The latter has ...

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Review and Price

Got my ID4 1st Edition at VW Boston last week. I have to say that this vehicle feels by far like the best purchase for value of any vehicle out there if you are looking for a gas-saver EV with good range without settling for a cube/drab looking transportation pods (the case for most EVs out there ...

2020 Kia Niro EV Consumer Reviews and Price

Wonderful, peppy driving experience; good driving range; practical body design. But this rig has some big and completely unnecessary flaws. The first you will experience is that when in reverse the car issues a VERY LOUD beep like a Home Depot forklift. It will turn all eyes your way and wake up ...

2007 Saturn Sky Review and Price

A great little car handles very well everybody complains about the trunk in the top a big deal it's a sports car no problem here with it hope to see them go up in value soon. The ride is firm with the sport suspension, but that makes it corner like it is on rails. I can't confirm it but my lady ...

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