After my wife got in an accident (luckily with minor bruises) and totaled our last car (1998 Honda Civic), we wanted to get a replacement where safety was a number 1 priority.   We were attracted to the standard AWD and we bought a 2018 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited with Eyesight, with all the bells […]

Coming from a 2006 Ford Focus that was costing more in monthly maintenance than a car payment, it was like driving a luxury car off the lot. The electric motor is virtually silent and the ICE engine is barely noticeable when it comes on. The steering, though lacking a bit of road feel, is accurate […]

Oh man where do I start? I purchased my car July 1, 2019. I am so in love with my Nissan Altima SR💙 It’s a huge difference from my ‘2011 Hyundai Sonata. The color is gorgeous, it runs smooth, steering wheel is amazingly smooth as well. Very quiet car. Seats are sporty and comfortable. System […]

Absolutely a terrific car. This is the FIFTH Avalon I’ve had since 2002. They were great to start with and have done nothing but get better. The model I have now is the Hybrid Limited, which yields an amazing 40 mpg in the CITY (and the same on the highway), which seemed to good to […]

The last of a dying breed in the USA. I love this car. Great power, fantastic gas mileage, and –with the non-us-spec headlights – very modern. Sure, it’s not as good as the 2018 Fiesta ST that the rest of the world has, but for the US market, it beats its larger brother the Focus ST […]

This Chevy Impala with Premiere trim has all of the luxury features you want in a car without the luxury price. One week after my purchase I still haven’t learned half of what this car offers but I am having fun learning. I love all of the secret compartments, how it handles, 20 inch wheels, […]

I just turned in a 2016 Maxima SL. I was supposed to trade it in for a 2019 Altima to save cash. After test driving the Altima, there wasn’t any other option but to get back into a 2019 Maxima SL. I know that there are comparable cars out there as far as performance goes, […]

Premium Feeling at Entry-level cost It comes with default premium features, has all major comfort options and drives smoothly. The interior is comfortable and the back-seat is surprisingly spacious. It has great trunk space, but not a lot of height, so keep that in mind. The only inconveniences are barely noticeable. Like the trunk not […]

I got this car on the 11th of March and today is the 18th of March when i got the car it had 7 miles, I was upset a little because today I had to drive to a company meeting that was 136 miles round trip. The ride was comfortable I had my pandora added […]

Went with the base model s in November. At the time it was the only way to get a manual transmission. I also opted in for the driver assistance package. Probably the most fun to drive car in its category. It get 37 mpg overall with regular unleaded. I would be skeptical to wait the […]