2016 Ford F-150 Review and Price

Upgraded from a 2012 F-150 XLT extended cab with the 3.5L EcoBoost to a 2016 Lariat SuperCrew Cab with the 2.7L EcoBoost. I have no complaints about the upgrade, the new EcoBoost feels just as powerful as the old one for what I do, plus better mileage. The Auto-Start-Stop technology, soon to be standard on […]

1997 Toyota Camry Review and Price

There is something about this car that just makes you feel happy getting out of it. Driving the car, I haven’t noticed any problems, but looking at it, I can tell that the last owner only took it in when it needed something. It has less than 144,000 miles, and the fuel filter looks stock. […]

1998 Toyota Tacoma Review and Price

4×4 5 speed prices keep going up it. Harder to come by. Simple and reliable truck. Plan is to drive it until the truck dies or I die. No need for fancy electronics. Reviews for newer generation Tacomas show fancier things break more often. Meets my needs 99% of the time. If I need more […]

2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Review and Price

2001 Chevy Silverado 8.1 with Allison Transmission. Regular cab and 8′ bed 4×4. I’ve had 87 Jeep Comanche 4×4 with inline 6 was a great truck but too small. Went to 96 Ford F150 with Inline 6 with 2 wheel drive was a GREAT truck and the inline is a great motor but again was […]

2018 Tesla 3 Review and Price

The future is here, and with the Tesla Model 3 you can now put a piece of it in your driveway. It’s hands down the most fun and exciting car I’ve ever driven! Exciting and fun is not what I’m usually buying, I’m more attracted to practical hatchbacks like the Gen3 Prius, which the M3 […]

How to prepare your car for sale

Independent used car sales-not as easy as it might seem. After all, it is necessary not just to find a potential buyer, or more precisely, make sure that he found you. You need to convince him to buy your car. And here besides price appearance plays an important role. Why is that? Yes it is […]

How not to mess up the car at the carwash

Each type of washing has its pluses, minuses and nuances, knowing that you can choose the most suitable for your car. Contact washer This procedure is familiar to all motorists, because each at least once washed the car yourself. First, the car breaks down (and simultaneously wetted) mud-water jet more often from high pressure apparatus, […]

What to do if the engine is overheating?

Leaving a car engine can overheat and what steps need to be taken in this case. During the combustion of the fuel/air mixture in the engine cylinders is allocated a large amount of heat that escapes from the exhaust gases and the other part is transferred to the metal parts of the engine (engine block, head […]

Why can increase fuel consumption?

Working fluid Of course, the most banal reason increased consumption is the use of low-quality fuel. If petrol or diesel with its chemical composition, does not conform to, its combustion occurs abnormally. This means that the engine control unit is trying to fix the problem and gives a command to enrich the mixture by submitting […]

Tips for protecting cars from theft

Protect your car from theft or stealing things from the Interior much easier than it seems. The main thing is to know some simple principles. Recently, the Swiss Automobile Club TCS gave nine simple tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of car thieves. Sure, these recommendations will be relevant that in Europe, in […]