1997 Toyota Camry Review and Price

There is something about this car that just makes you feel happy getting out of it. Driving the car, I haven’t noticed any problems, but looking at it, I can tell that the last owner only took it in when it needed something. It has less than 144,000 miles, and the fuel filter looks stock. The turn signal is blinking fast, but it is not out. People say that it does that before it fails. The AC is ice cold, but the heat doesn’t work because it needs a heater core.



Under the hood, it is dusty and old looking, but it still runs like a dream. I noticed it sometimes gets kind of hot, so I am changing the heater core, and while I’m at it, I’m changing the radiator and thermostat and gasket for good measure because I don’t think the last owner did. I am also putting in a fuel filter. Other than that, I replaced a pcv valve, spark plugs, and spark plug wires. I am doing all of this work because I care about the car and not because of its performance. I bought it for $800, planning to save up for a new one, but I like it, so I am putting in money, and it won’t have anything wrong once I’m through.



This is the best car I have ever had, and it’s really easy to fix. I even looked up how to replace the fuel pump, and even that seems simple enough for a somewhat experienced DIYer. I have spent about $300 on parts, and I will have a perfect car. It’s not at all bad. The only thing that I don’t like is the factory alarm. There is an LED indicator on the dash that will always blink, but that just means it is on. You have to press the key-fob to make sure it doesn’t activate, and after you walk away, it will lock by itself. No one told me how to use it as a new owner, and I’m really glad I didn’t lock my keys in there. It is possible to bypass the alarm, but I decided to keep it on. I got used to it rather quickly, and it hasn’t given me any more problems yet.