2015 Chevrolet Camaro LS Review and Price

I love my camaro. I have had a lot of vehicles and the styling, lines and power this car has, just does it for me. I have done mods which I will not go into detail about but just say the dyno doesn’t lie. 

This is actually the second new one that I purchased in the past 3 years. I originally bought the automatic with paddle shifters but upgrades to the manual drive with RS package. The car is really a drivers car and you will enjoy the feel, speed and looks you get as people admire your good taste. You will also find ford and dodge drivers pulling up to you trying to rev their engines a lot but no worries, V6 to V6, your motor should have no problem pulling away from them especially with the manual shift.

People complain about the visibility but its a camaro, not a honda, your not suppose to be worrying about whats behind you in a sports car anyways. I cant give it 5 stars however because there is always something that goes wrong or some random sound that no one seems to be able to figure out its source so it makes me wonder if something happens will they fix it (yes its under warranty) or try to stick me with the bill. But when its all said and done, I am very satisfied with my camaro and have started further customizing and modifying as I do not plan to sell my mens toy no matter how big i get. Definitely worth buying over ford and dodge.

Dealer Suggested Retail $16,925.00 Used

Private Party Value $15,750.00 Used

EPA Classification Compact
MPG/MPGe 30 Highway / 19 City
Engine Gas V6 3.6L/217 cu in
Transmission Automatic
Drive Train Rear wheel drive
Seating 4
Horsepower 323
9 Total Score
Great power at a great price.

Great looking car. Daily driver. The engine is pretty much maxed out for performance from the factory. Most upgrades (except for forced induction) will provde minimal gains

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