2015 Jeep Wrangler Review and Price

This is the most polarizing car you can buy on the market today. It has unbelievable off-road capability, of which most people never use. It is underpowered on the highway, but the little V6 is awesome with the lower gearing. It is not a “safe” vehicle, but the doors and top come off…

I went through this conversation with myself for months before buying a Wrangler. The results – this is my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. I have owned a Tahoe, Yukon (2 door), Grand Cherokee, G35, Silverado, Ram 1500 and more. I can’t describe the level of fun this thing is to drive every day. I love to take the tops and doors off, I live in Texas, so yes it is hot, but it is perfect for my commute in the mornings and evenings. Yes, this is a daily driver and I commute 38 miles a day with ZERO complaints about ride or comfort. I take this off road for hunting and camping about 15 times a year and it is perfect for that type of fun. If you are trying to decide if you really want this type of car for a daily driver and have always wanted one, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger, you won’t regret the decision!

PROS: Fun to drive, many upgrades possible, auto or stick shift, appearance can be tailored to your liking, various safety features, 4WD, alarm, keyless entry, OB menu to customize features, removable top/doors, seat height is adjustable, an attention getter, number of colors available.

CONS: Overpriced, mediocre gas mileage, space is limited in front/rear, minor issues (water leaks, loose steering), wind drag is bad, bumpy ride, no hood/gas cap lock, windshield defogger is average, repairs can be costly (especially if you Off-Road).

OVERALL: I use my JEEP strictly as an everyday vehicle. I do not Off-Road! It took me a little over a year and a half to get all the upgrades I needed to achieve the look/performance I wanted!

Our fourth Wrangler. The new Rubicon is much refined from earlier Jeeps, making it more practical as a daily commuter as well as an off-road gladiator. It’s so much quieter! Seats are comfortable, dash is great, and entertainment/gps system very good now. Ride is MUCH improved from earlier Jeeps. But the Jeep toughness and off-road ability is still unmatched, particularly in the Rubicon edition. The new V6 engine is smooth, quick, and plenty powerful enough in the woods and on the interstate. Has been absolutely reliable so far, and mileage is surprisingly good- 21 on highway, 18 combined- for a vehicle with terrible aerodynamics. Our Unlimited model has tons of room and is a versatile and fun second car. Down sides are obstrusive tire noise when the factory aggressive tires wear down, the plastic fenders, and still no full-time 4wd system available. But for plain fun and it’s almost unbelievable ability to go through the toughest conditions, there is no substitute.
The wrangler has been called Uncivilized , rough, even unreliable, these adjectives might be applied to the Jeep wrangler while comparing it to a Lexus SUV or other vehicles, but mostly is a misunderstood vehicle. The Jeep is an all terrain, all weather, take me to where no other vehicle can take you SUV, it is in a class on its own. Is the most customizable vehicle in the world, and the most recognizable vehicle around, it represents your personality, and for all these facts I love my jeep.
BTW is pretty reliable, you dont want your vehicle to leave you stranded on a mountain where there is no cell phone signal.
Dealer Suggested Retail 
$25,150.00 Used
Private Party Value 
$24,250.00 Used
Key Features & Specs
MPG/MPGe  21 (Est) Highway / 17 (Est) City
Engine  Regular Unleaded V-6 3.6L/220 cu in
Transmission  Manual w/OD
Drive Train  Four Wheel Drive
Seating  4
Horsepower  285

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