2016 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Review and Price

Well, she was delivered 12/09 and it was all worth the wait. This is an amazing car. A HUGE upgrade from my 2015 Mustang, this actually feels like how a 2016 vehicle should be. I’ll tell you though, in the beginning with all the tech it was overwhelming even for a techie, IT majoring guy like myself but after a day you get the hang of it all. You can customize almost every aspect of the car.

Just want to say that the design engineers spent a long time getting all the angles and positions right. EVERYTHING and I mean everything is on point. I can rest my arm on the center console while holding the wheel for the first time ever (being tall I put the seat as far back as it goes and haven’t been able to comfortable ever hold the wheel with two hands). All the buttons are all in the perfect location.

Also couldn’t be happier with the entire transaction process, no issues and had an amazing salesman.


*Hyper Blue Metallic is BEAUTIFUL. Looks amazing at night almost like a dark blue/purple. During the day it shines and pops out always catching eyes.

*The Automatic 8 Speed Transmission is phenomenal. Shifts effortlessly and smoothly. Even at interstate speeds when most cars have a hesitation before they really get going, when you hit the gas in this (especially in Sport mode) the baby GOES! Sometimes it’s fun to slow to 50 at night on the interstate and floor it; you’d be surprised how quick it gets up to 80 and wants to keep going!! The Mustang’s transmission is complete trash compared to this; if I even tried to floor it at interstate speed you have to wait for it to get going. THIS A8 is quality. Absolutely love it.

*I love the way I can choose what inside color I want, I leave it on all the time.

*The HUD is absolutely beautiful, I love being able to see my speed and music at the same time without taking my eyes off the road!

*NPP exhaust is SICK on the V6!! (Pulled fuse so the valves always stay open even at interstate speeds)

*Apple CarPlay works just how imagined it would, flawlessly and fluid.

*Sunroof is wonderful

*The gold illuminated front bow tie is extremely classy and looks amazing in person, the pictures don’t do it justice. It turns heads all the time everywhere.

*Quick changing from Sirius XM to iPhone music, this was a HUGE pain in the ass in the Mustang.

*Heated steering wheel/heated seats/ventilated seats are all extremely useful features.

*The overall steering wheel feel and and shape is extremely comfortable and useful for turning, etc.

*The OnStar app to communicate with the car (although slow and unresponsive at times)

*Classy looking key fob with a nifty key and easy to release inner key! Love the feel, shape, and texture.

*RS aggressive package is well worth it. The Camaro looks way more classy and aggressive to me at least, than the Mustang. Mustang has cool rear taillights and sorta interesting front headlight design I liked, but the Camaro is in a class of its own and looks nothing like the Mustang in my opinion, besides the fact they’re both coupes and have the same window setup.. The Camaro looks amazing at night with all the lights.

*Knob to dim all the lights in the vehicle or brighten them to your taste

*You have an option to display the “fuel used” on trips which is a feature I always thought to myself would be cool to have and the Camaro has it!

*Super bright interior lights for once. When you drop that card or drop that fry, now you can find it!

*Lights turn off when you lock the car. I always disliked when car lights would stay on for minutes after you leave, I like to know everything shutdown and secure. I think they had a unique flash I noticed once when I locked it.

*LOVE the graphics in the dashboard. Extremely appealing to the eye all the vibrant colors and pictures.

*BRIGHT headlights. Gone are the years of having to buy aftermarket bulbs for bright headlights. People flicker their lights at me that’s how bright these bad boys are, I love it! Was wondering if they would be better than the Mustang’s and yes they are! The angle seems wider as well.

*Rearview mirror actually stays in place and is tough to move, which is good! Don’t have to worry about it moving out of place due to bass or bad bumps.

I could go on and on about everything I love which is literally everything about the 2016 Camaro!


*I wasn’t sure where to put this, but the Bose speakers ARE nice I can’t imagine the car without it, but the downside is speaker placement I believe. In the Mustang there was one right on the door near your ears sort of which made a much more enjoyable music experience. I feel like in the Camaro the music is coming from the windshield and only the bass is on the side doors.. I still like it don’t get me wrong, but it could have been better.

Dealer Suggested Retail $30,600.00 Used
Private Party Value $29,075.00 Used

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