2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 3LZ Review and Price

New TR 2016 C7 2LT A8. My knowledge of C3-C6 was that they went from slow to supercar fast, rough riding with horrible seats. The C7 is a completely different car. Besides the uber sexy and functional exterior, the interior has finally hit stardom. There is enough tech for the nerds, good lumbar and side bolster support on the standard seats, getting more exotic leather of the 3LT. The steering wheel has race ready flat bottom. The wheel feels solid and good finger groving for serious track time.

Navigation, like all cars, sucks. Luckily Android Auto to the rescue! Running Waze or Google Maps. The Performance Data Recorder is pretty cool, although the quality is so, so. There’s enough information concerning driving habits that the PDR shows, you and your crew chief should be able to dial in changes. The PDR can be used as a dash cam, but it’s a manual effort. The PDR has a confirmed capacity of “at least” a 256GB SD card (as of this review, formatted Fat32).

Power: I’ve been in a ViperGTS and C6 Z06 that I was impressed with. This lowly 455HP/460TQ GenV LT1 motor is a complete beast. Paired up with the might 8L90 8-speed automatic transmission mounted to the rear differential. The Viper, Z06… and this base C7 will throw you back in your seat. Add in the stock exhaust, it will scream!
Imagine then the C7 Z06… or the famous ZR1… they’re both offered in a manual 7-speed or the same 8L90 8-speed automatic. The paddle shifters are now proper paddle shifters the rest of the world uses. Normal shifting is smooth and picks up shift points as you switch driving modes.
Ok, rambling… just go test drive one and quit drooling on mine. 😁


Dealer Suggested Retail $66,325.00 Used
Private Party Value $63,900.00 Used

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