2016 Chevrolet Z06 , at over $100,000 Review

This Z06 , at over $100,000, could be the biggest piece of garbage since the 78 chevette. For the 14 months I have had it, it has spent over 3 months at the dealer, Autonation, for repairs. This includes a new engine and driveshaft, flex plate, transmission….the list goes on forever. In all, the dealer has billed gm over $40,000 for repairs, so far. I have never raced or tracked this car, it has never gone over 95mph. Gm should have bought back or got me a new one 6 months ago..They refuse..I will most likely end up in court over this so-called sports car.

I have read all the other reviews from other owners. I truly wish I could say the same. But, when you have a car with less than 18,000 miles on it and it has even had the power seat motors and windshield washer pump replaced,radiator fan assembly I just can’t. I can say that it does attract a lot of attention. It is a very nice looking car. I can’t help notice all the people driving by waving as I sit on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Onstar is a very nice service and I have used it often, not to get directions, but to find the nearest Chevy dealer.
I am beginning to believe that GM built this car right out of the spare parts box. “The engine is assembled in a clean room?” This has got to be a joke. When my entire engine was replaced at about 14,000 miles…..and all over the floor of the Autonation dealer in Mesa AZ, it looked like it just came out of 1975 Chevy pickup…

This car also has a tendency to lock you inside, as the electric door releases will not let you out.
The removable roof squeeks and rattles every you go over the slightest bump. One day as I was going don the freeway in Phoenix, the windshield just cracked, on its own, from the bottom right up the the rear view mirror. I got my
insurance company to pay for this. The Chevy dealer said it would take 2 weeks to get. Safelite got it in 4 days. In case you have a heads up display, this windshield costs over $1200.00.

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