2016 Ford Fiesta S Review and Comparison

I just bought my 2016 Ford Fiesta SE with 49 miles on it, and have already put 400 miles on it it 3 days because of how much I love driving it. I traded in my 2004 Mercedes Benz E500 (loaded) for this and honestly couldn’t be happier. I get double the gas mileage, affordable maintenance, it rides great, drives great. This is the second Fiesta we own, we have a ’14 Fiesta ST as well.

Compared to my V8 or even our Fiesta ST, the little 4-banger does get a bit asthmatic on the highway past 70, but has no problem cruising along.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the 6-Speed dual clutch… issues with it rolling back, harder shifts than a standard auto, etc. I personally love the transmission. Dual clutches are known as automated manuals because they use the same manual principle to increase efficiency and performance, with the luxury of shifting automatically. So yes, it does feel a bit different to those not use to a manual.

The front seats have plenty of leg and headroom, but as expected of a subcompact, the rear is cramped. My 6′ 3″ fiance can’t fit. As far as space goes, my sedan variation still features a lot of trunk space and includes the rear fold-down seats. Plenty of cargo room for me.

Overall I think it’s a great car. Lots of standard features, fuel efficiency is great, performance is okay, and overall build quality is good. Gets a 5-star rating from me. I may update this when I get about 10k miles on it for a more long-term review.

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