2016 Honda blue fit EX-L Review

You will read about the awesome fuel mileage and yes it’s true over 50mpg in the summer, in the winter with my snow tires its closer to 35, but this car has been flawless since new and we have 28k on it. the stock tires wore out fast, no funny wear just cheap tires I just put a set of Sumitimo performance tires on for 63 each makes this car a breeze in corners. cannot say enough about how great this car is on long drives, short trips, even starting right up at nearly 40 below zero. we had a 2011 and the only reason we got rid of that was the air bag recall. my fiancĂ© drives the car sometimes ad I would have felt terrible if something had happened to her, so we traded our 2011 blue fit in for a 2016 blue fit.

we may trade in for a 2019 this year as I am paying off my truck. but our fit is so versatile, I have hauled an 8 foot ladder in the car, its simply amazing what can fit in a Fit. it did take a little getting used to the cvt, and I would have gotten a manual if the car was just for me but it gets great mileage and I have the extended warranty mainly to cover the transmission as I hear the cvt’s tend to go after 100k miles. overall its a great car, were both 6 foot tall and have no issues and the people in the back seats have plenty of room also. like the 2 position reclining feature of the back seats, love the 16 inch aluminum rims, and the fact honda does not use pressure sensors for tpms. they use the wheel speed sensors as a low tire will turn faster than a full tire. the computer monitors the speeds and alerts if you have a problem. great first car for just about anyone. highly recommend any year honda fit.

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