2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Review and Price

Love this car. Had it for about 3 months now.

What a hoot to drive. Have a Metallic Grey GT with tan interior. Lots of fun. Surprisingly quiet inside. Pretty good sound system. Love all the new safety features, including blind spot, swivelling headlights (around corners).

If you have one, consider going to miata net forums to check out what your fellow owners think of the car, and what they are doing with it from a modding perspective (or just maintaining it in OEM condition).

Great mileage as a daily driver in mainly rural driving. Getting about 38 MPG average. Highs of almost 40 and lows of about 35 when going over 70 or in town.

Will see how it behaves this winter with a good set of winter tires! Not too sure about that.

Took out the cupholders and stowed them. They just got in my way.

Plenty of space for 1 carry-on sized roller bag that will fit in an overhead, as well as a medium sized backpack in the trunk. Works great.

Dealer Suggested Retail $22,400.00 Used
Private Party Value $21,075.00 Used

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