2016 Tesla S 85 kWh Battery Review

Have owned many luxury cars but the entire Tesla ownership experience from the moment you buy the car (online) to the moment you drive off the lot blows away competitors.

You have undoubtedly heard that it’s fast, quiet and high-tech. The service though blows Audi, MB, and BMW out of the water. Your car is always “talking” to Tesla via its onboard cellular connection (free for life of car). About 2 weeks after I got the car, I received an email from my service advisor asking me to call her. When I called her back she informed me that the car diagnosed a problem and signaled Tesla. They sent a “ranger” (basically a service center on wheels) to my garage in Manhattan to replace the part while I was at work. What service!

The car is fun to drive, safe, almost impossible to flip, and extremely comftorable for long trips. I had an event in Washington DC and rather than take the train or shuttle I drive on I-95 stopping at one supercharger on the way for starbucks and a 20 minute leg stretch. It’s the car Apple would build.

Even more amazing is the fact that your car is always “up to date” due to over the air software upgrades. Already my car has downloaded numerous software updates improving it (unlike the Navigation in my S Class Mercedes which I cannot figure out how to use). What a logical and amazing step forward!