2016 Tesla S 85 kWh Battery: The Car of Cars

Beautiful. Instant torque. This is the best vehicle ever made. Go test drive one. Electric is the future. Stop making Russia and the Saudis rich. Keep the money at home in the U.S. Support renewable energy, and cleaner energy. More electric cars = more American jobs.

Positives: First off the line at every light. Beautiful design especially the refreshed nose. 17″ touchscreen is spectacular. No buttons to clutter up. Minimalist design and interface to keep you focused. Autopilot will change your life on road trips and especially freeway traffic! Very roomy inside. No drivetrain to take up floor space. You can wake up to. Full charge every day. No more trips to the gas station! Frunk space! Auto presenting doors. NO on/off buttons, just hit the brake and go.

Negatives: Phone integration is lacking. Some have minor fit and finish issues (I had none). Drive Unit failures may or may not have been addressed (strong evidence it’s getting better). 12v battery failures (strong evidence this is getting better). Autopilot is amazing and a game changer for long trips but not perfect yet so please pay attention! Supercharging speeds can vary especially on hot days. Superchargers can be full especially in large metro areas and Fridays and Mondays especially holiday weekends. Blind spot monitoring isn’t the best out there. 21″ tires may wear out fast.


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