2016 Volkswagen GTI SE Initial impression

My initial impressions after 500 miles with my new GTI (2016 Autobahn w/ Performance Package):
I haven’t seen any signs of poor assembly; the fit and finish are excellent.
The infotainment screen works well enough not to be obtrusive (I haven’t had time to play with all the functions).
The Fender speakers are awesome.
Get the manual- it’s fun, shifts smooth, and the clutch take up is progressive.
The engine is plenty powerful for this car, yet also reasonably efficient (30 mpg for the first tank of gas with a 50/50 mix of hwy and city driving).
It’s fun.

Two carps, though:
While the front doors unlock by pulling the handles, the back doors don’t unlock simply by pulling the handles while the key fob is in your pocket. If you have kids, that’s a nuisance. You want to get them in the car first, and you invariably have your hand full. Honda does have that feature.
Also, why does the gear selector indication not show up until AFTER you’ve let out the clutch? By then, you know you’ve gotten the wrong gear.


But again, it’s a fun car

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