2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Review and Price

Got my ID4 1st Edition at VW Boston last week. I have to say that this vehicle feels by far like the best purchase for value of any vehicle out there if you are looking for a gas-saver EV with good range without settling for a cube/drab looking transportation pods (the case for most EVs out there except for Tesla). First, gas savings. I commuted in my SUV over 200 miles daily. I will now save $600 a month in gas. Second, I get a $7,500 credit from Uncle Sam and a $2,500 check from the State of Massachusetts for getting an EV.

For me, I am essentially net out of pocket zero for the first three years that I get to own this excellent piece of German engineering that the ID4 is. Range: I’m getting about 280 on a charge as long as I keep my highway speed between 60-65. Your range will decrease as you increase your speed. Safety features galore. Anything that is out there the ID4 has. Luxury features, too many to mention. My favorite one: seat massage on both the driver and passenger side. Panoramic Moonroof, CarPlay/Android, Semi Autonomous Driving (car seems ready on the hardware side of things for full auto- software blocked for now to semi-autonomous with warnings and system triggered to brake and park car if it does not detect a driver).

Stop and go Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Braking etc. I could go on and on about all the features in this vehicle. Slight negatives, voice control lags 2 or 3 seconds too long something that I am sure will improve over time with over the air updates. Slight negative turned into a positive- tactile touch screen was unresponsive on day one. I scheduled service with VW Boston, gave me a loaner (Jetta SEL-nice car for the the price point), ordered a new computer for my infotainment and I picked up car two days later. Infotainment works great now- lagging is gone and touch screen responds to tactile commands easily. I believe the use of the touchscreen for basically almost every command for the car features may be a little bit of a hassle for those who prefer buttons but I’ve found myself getting used to it easily over the course of several days.

Charging- I’ve used Electrify America for the fast charge and gotten about the reported 80% in 35 minutes. Did this while shopping at the Home Depot where they had the charging stations in the parking lot. I also get to charge in my condo where we have free charging stations. Btw, VW gives you 3 years of free charging too. If you are looking for an EV mid-size SUV with everything going for it the ID4 I feel is by fat the best choice. I considered Tesla Y, but the ID4 with its German Engineering DNA has a better fit and finish. This VW surpasses all of the companies previous products, more in line with Audi-like finish. My bet is that the ID4 will compete head to head against the Tesla Y and the Mustang EV in sales and win. TY VW you put out a great product. Tesla is going to have to up their game now and this can only benefit all consumers.

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