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2022 Haval H6 GT Ultra PRC products review

Last of my AUD to go on a new car went to France, so I hear you! Also with you on wanting to see some sort of revival of the Australian passenger car industry, but fear that opportunity has passed us by. Our market is viewed through the lens of being too small to be self-sustaining now, only giga-factories seem to be the acceptable model of production. I have wondered if the Holden name will ever be revived, hopefully not in the same way as a few British marques have been though.

On the CCP – there’s a long list of issues with how they operate, used to be limited to Asia but increasingly so in Australia. Don’t forget post-WWII the CCP killed more of its own people than the Japanese did, did the same again to a bunch of students in 1989, and the same mob are still in power to this day. Not to mention the things they’re doing in HK now (repressed freedom of speech and repressing Cantonese) and across the whole of SEA – these things have a personal impact to my family. And on account of their inhumane and infantile behaviour and threats it seems more people are now trying to shun PRC products – including the squished-faux-Urus Haval GT.

Then stop using your mobile phone. Whatever you wear, you use ( computer, Router, 4G and 5G are using Huawei equipment, your TV, car parts, your clothing etc etc ) so many things are make in China.

I can understand that you don’t want to support CCP but check your house and your mobile, make sure you are not using the 5G network or else you are still using a part of CCP products.

This rebuttal is always trotted out. Haval/GWM is fully owned by Chinese interests and the state, and like all enterprises will have a CCP committee embedded within it. There’s supporting the CCP through the fraction of the price of things made in PRC by foreign companies, vs things made by fully Chinese companies, especially expensive items like cars where a much greater % of your AUD goes offshore and into CCP pockets. It’s a shame the CCP is such a bunch of d*cks, otherwise we could all just ignore country of origin.

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