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2022 SsangYong Musso Ultimate XLV Reviews and Price

Owned an ELX SWB for three years now and at 83,000km I have had no issues other than a rattling auto shift lever which turned out to be a screw that had come loose.

Ironman Constant Suspension, Canopy from 3XM and towbar has seen much work. Recently discovered pumping the tyre pressures up to mid to high 40’s really improves on the fuel economy – averaging 9-11l/100km with about 2.7t.

Lots of highway driving and it’s a car that can easily eat up the kms especially with the quietness of the cabin on the highway. I’ve got three car seats (2f + 1r) and with three anchor points and car seats that allow for a lap sash seatbelt attachment, the lap sash issue isn’t a problem.

Though it is reported that Ssangyong have been taken over by a company KG Group, in Korea, I think buying one is a risky proposition. Ssangyong are still a very small player globally and have not gone anywhere near meeting their sales targets here or globally.

Regardless of how good the car may be and the value, I think the risk of buying a Pyongyang and having them finally cease production or local sales is too high. You could get stuck with an orphan brand and no service or parts support. A minor incident would result in a write off or you could be off the road for months waiting for common parts.
Consider other brands that have left the market and stranded the former customers, such as Proton, SEAT, Opel, Chery, GWM’s first attempt, Dodge is gone, Chrysler are just about finished and of course there is Holden.

Some of these brands have parent companies still operating here, but the models they have dropped are not being supported adequately. Ssangyong are a stand alone company and you have to ask how long will the Koreans support the loss making Australian business.

Price $43,590 drive-away

  1. Do you have a personal problem with ssangyong or are you just another toyotaland wanker…i personally own a Hilux and compared to musso it is probably 20k overpriced….get a life
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