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2023 BMW X1 Review and Price

It’s a small price to pay for heated seats and steering wheel for life. Having said that, it’ll only be a year or so before Hacks will provide you with the code required via OBD ports.

This is the same with a Jeep Gladiator Night Eagle ($75K D/A) versus a Rubicon (88K D/A). The latter has front and rear diff locks, as well as a disconnecting sway bar. BUT, get a $300 wiring kit and the Night Eagle has the front and rear Diff Locks complete. Pisses a lot of Rubicon owners off, but where a car is available to get the kit through electrical means, the market will find a way. Consequently, other than the sway bar disconnect, I have a Rubicon at $76K D/A (paid a lot less) vice a Rubicon at $15K more but with only a sway-bar disconnect added. And the latter I can add for around $1500.

So circling back.. yep – happy with the extra charges on a lot of this. It only means a few weeks/ months before a cheat code or wiring loom is developed to help out.

.. in a week where nearly a fifth of the company cars at work (9 out of 52) I look after have had punctures (steel reo does not mess with tyres!) .. or had wheels and/or tyres destroyed by potholes (3 of the 9), BMW deserve to sell none where you fit a plus $60k vehicle (buy + on roads) with a tyre repair kit.

A tyre repair kit? nonsense!
Australia, even our large capitals is not down town Munich… and BMW need a kick in the pants on this!

Test drove the 1.8i last week. We have a 3yo Mini Countryman (bought that instead of the outgoing X1 LCI which I wasn’t impressed at all by) with the same engine, so it was familiar in that sense, a touch perkier This is such a huge step up in space, quality and tech and was completely impressed. Interior is a standout and class leader in my opinion. Creams all over the odd looking GLA. On the shortlist to replace the Countryman next year.

Price From $53,900 plus on-road costs From $68,900 plus on-road costs

  1. Great to know. I am looking to have a look sometime this weekend. Did you get to test drive or just have a look inside?

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