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2023 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 Review and Price

Worth pointing out that unlike every other Defender, the V8 models roof is rated at 0kgs… no roof racks permissible. No bike carrier, no skis, no surfboard. Odd omission.

Rear packaging is also real miss on the 90. There are ways of modding the cargo / seats – but you shouldn’t have to. Combined, it is just more functionally compromised that it should be.

Saw new gen Defender 90 X on the weekend. Black, muddy and propertly filthy. Rooftop tent, jerry can, gas bottle, maxtrax – it had all the obligatory accessories. Tick. Found in inner city Sydney on on 22″ rims and Continental performance SUV road biased tyres. Ahhhh, hmmmm. Maybe TuffAnt is their next mod. But, it was dirty, so good start.

You might need to re-calculate that mate. I know someone on the wait list for a Corvette and the on-road price is now over $200K
But I agree with your general thinking. This thing is likely $240k on the road. I would buy a D250S for $120k, and could stick a 21ft speedboat behind it and still have a bit of change!

I recall the cost was about $170-175k on the road when this person ordered. There have been 2 increases since, and I thought he said it was nearly $210kat latest count.
Idid a build price on a D250S with all the options I like at $119k – 12 months wait and out of my range.
Then I saw one in a Dealer – P400X . Nice car, still only 6 cylinders – drive away for $189k – Gulp!
Isnt supply and demand a wonderful thing – (for someone, obviously not buyers)

Price $215,480 plus on-road costs

  1. Gross, totally gross. Most will be unlikely to ever see any “hard off road”. An unmitigated status symbol.
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