2023 Polestar 2 – I’m really looking forward to this series of reviews

I’m really looking forward to this series of reviews. An EV is definitely on my radar for my next vehicle and with the exception of the missing HUD system (any advice when this will be added?), the Polestar 2 seems like a good package overall. At the moment, I’m leaning towards the dual motor model and including the Performance Pack, which places it way cheaper than equivalent Euros I’ve been looking at.

I’d like to get your thoughts on a bunch of stuff!

How does the car behave on a long road trip that requires highway driving (i.e. more than 3 hours)…seat comfort (are massaging seats available?) road noise, overtaking, cruise control accuracy, etc. What’s the regen braking system like in practice? How intrusive are the safety systems? What’s the front and rear passenger experience like, both in city and country driving?

What is your real-world experience on consumption, range and charging?

How do the OTA updates work, do they require constant supervision, or can they happen overnight; can an OTA update be paused? Where are the servicing centres, and how does one access them?

How’s the useability (or otherwise) of the HVAC and infotainment systems, especially when driving. Does that fancy central screen attract and retain fingerprints? How well is the Google ecosysem integrated, what issues did you face and how did you work through them? What’s the primo KH audio system sound like?

How easy is the car to park? How ‘kid-proof’ would you consider the interior? Does the car generate the terrible black brake dust you get on other Euros? What internal storage bins, boxes, etc are there and how big are they? What’s the arrangement for a flat tyre (full-size spare, space-saver spare, a can of tyre goop, or nothing)?

  1. I think you confirmed my suspicion that this is a v good commuter & to travel around a city if you change your driving style to suit regen braking. Weekends 150km away v possible, but most may need a ICE wagon/SUV for longer family getaways.
    I’m impressed 😊

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