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2023 Polestar 2 Long Range Review and Price

I can answer some of your questions, FWIW I found it to be the best EV I have driven and I have been driving EV’s since 2012.

1. The aircon didn’t actually make a lot of difference to the range (noting that due to El Nina it hasn’t been that hot). But the heater, heated seats, demister for the windscreen, back window etc in wet and cold cold drop the range by around 15%. Some of that could be the cold temperature effect on the battery.

2. I don’t have access for home recharging so I can’t comment on overnight, but an average workday charge using a single phase 35 amp wall charger for around 9 hours was enough for a week of 60k’s a day commuting. There is not an EV around that I would bother charging from a domestic 10 amp power point, unless it was an emergency. I’d always suggest installing at the minimum a single phase 30 to 35 amp wall charger.

3. None to not much at all as the blind is very effective.

4 & 5. On the daily commute I pretty much drove it one pedal using the regen, I only used the auto cruise control on motorways. It does make it rather annoying for someone following as you get sucked into maximising the range and so regen up to traffic lights (green, orange or red) rather than hold speed and then brake if required as in an ICEV. Slow acceleration isn’t my thing.

6. The complete reverse of an ICEV, the motorway range is noticeably less as there is little to no regen. Plus when I used it on the motorway I had the family with me and some luggage so the range was reduced by around 30%.

7. I didn’t notice any issues with manoeuvrability, slow speed or high speed. Unlike Teslas which I find very disconcerting at high speed, too much power steering assistance and not enough caster. Hyundai Ionic5 ‘s are worse, they are grossly underdamped, verging on car sickness float. I do note that Hyundai have recognised this and the update due soon has a different suspension tune.

It’s also kitted out with two of three available options packs – the $3400 Pilot Lite Pack, and the $6000 Plus Pack, bringing the total as-tested price to $84,006 drive-away.

  1. Drive needs to dial in a little more to the future – they are a little disappointing. Too worried about Tesla/Musk crusaders and missing the big picture on EV transition and what it means for the rest of us.

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