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2023 Toyota HiLux Rogue Reviews and Price

When all these Ute manufacturers step up their game and provide constant 4WD (which should be a no-brainer in a $60,000 + vehicle), then they might be worth the money.

As far as I know its only the Triton in higher grades and maybe the Amarok and GWM Canon (although I suspect its On-Demand rather than truly constant), that are providing the sure-footed traction worthy of an outback tourer.

For big bucks you’re getting a skittish vehicle that bounce on mid-corner bumps.

Ford raised the bar with the PX Ranger (when Hilux had an inferior tow rating) and has continued to raise the bar ever since – I have owned each model and just sold a PXII with 171,000kms on it – no issues whatsoever. Suffice to say, I am pretty happy with the Next Gen Ranger Wildtrak too – have only done 2,000kms, but it makes others look and feel agricultural in comparison. I fitted a gas strut damper to the rear tail gate and tinted the windows, but there is no real need to do anything else – which is absolutely fantastic.

Even the stock electric brake controller functions very well. Gear down-shifter could be more intuitive, but I am getting used to it. Contrary to some other/earlier reports, it is not more economical than the outgoing 3.2, but that may be because the additional power is addictive! Super quiet and refined.

For 2023, the Rogue is listed at $70,200 before options and on-road costs

  1. Been a great vehicle all round for what i needed it for. I’m amazed Ford don’t do a 2WD Street Version only in Wildtrack XLT & Sports look but lowered as most 4WD’s are used on the street and minor dirt roads.

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