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2024 Cadillac LYRIQ Reviews and Price

We purchased our vehicle two and a half weeks ago, and it has spent one of those weeks in service at Cadillac with no end date as to when our issues will be resolved. Similar to a previous reviewer, within 1,000 miles our driver assist system stopped working entirely. The alerts for this failure were constant, unable to be dismissed, and extremely distracting. Our trunk stopped opening electronically.

The interior wireless charger does not work. The door handles are not closing flush with the vehicle. We are unable to charge on any charger but a DC fast charger, all other charging attempts fail within minutes. Our infotainment settings have lines of blank or unusable options (for example, seven different lines that say “Sound” in the sound settings).

Our infotainment screen becomes so hot while we’re driving we can’t touch it, and I’m fairly certain it’s a fire risk. It feels like GM was so anxious to get these off the production line they started throwing them together, which does not make me feel great about putting my family in this vehicle. Our sole highlights are the range, the look of the vehicle and the space within the car itself. It’s a shame nothing else works as expected.

After three weeks and three hundred miles I walk into my garage to find my Lyriq was completely drained of energy. It drained itself from 180 miles to 24 overnight while parked in the garage. It will not charge and finally completely died after four hours to the point where I had to manually enter the vehicle through the tailgate. If that wasn’t enough once I finally got it to Rizza Cadillac in Orland Park where I purchased the vehicle, they did not have a loaner available. I thought it was Cadillac policy to have a Lyriq available as a loaner. I’m feel like I purchased a Chevy or Buick and not a Cadillac. I received much better treatment service wise from the Lincoln. Maybe I made a mistake when I switched.

MSRP Range: $57,195 – $69,695
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