Citroen reintroduces Berlingo MPV with petrol and diesel options in response to market demand.

Citroen Brings Back Petrol and Diesel Berlingo MPV Due to Demand

Citroen has decided to bring back the petrol and diesel versions of its popular Berlingo MPV due to overwhelming demand from customers. After initially moving towards electric powertrains for the Berlingo range, the French car maker has re-introduced these more conventional engines in response to demand.

Berlingo MPV: A Versatile and Practical Choice

The Citroen Berlingo has always been a popular choice for families in need of a versatile and practical MPV. Its spacious interior and flexible seating options have made it a favorite among those looking for a car that can transport a large family or carry large loads. The vehicle’s latest iteration builds on this platform, offering even more space and functionality than before.

Petrol and Diesel Engines Return in Response to Customer Demand

While the Berlingo’s electric powertrain was a step forward in terms of environmental sustainability, many customers have continued to prefer the more familiar comfort and reliability of petrol and diesel engines. In response to this demand, Citroen has reintroduced petrol and diesel engines to the Berlingo lineup, giving customers greater choice in terms of powertrains.

The Benefits of Petrol and Diesel Engines

While electric powertrains have been making strides in the car industry, there are still many benefits to choosing petrol and diesel engines. These more traditional powertrains offer a greater range of driving options, allowing customers to fuel up at any petrol station rather than requiring specific charging points. They are also better suited to longer journeys, and can offer a more comfortable driving experience.

Citroen’s Commitment to Sustainability

Citroen remains committed to sustainability, and has made significant investments in electric powertrains as well as in other areas of vehicle design and development. However, the company’s decision to reintroduce petrol and diesel engines to the Berlingo range shows that they are also committed to listening to their customers and meeting their needs.


Citroen’s decision to bring back petrol and diesel engines to the Berlingo MPV range is a clear indication of the growing customer demand for conventional powertrains. While electric vehicles are certainly the way of the future, there is still a place in the market for petrol and diesel engines. By offering both options, Citroen is giving customers greater choice and flexibility, and continuing to meet the needs of families in search of a versatile and practical MPV.
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