Entry-Level EV: Volkswagen’s ID 1 Confirmed at £17,000

Volkswagen confirms £17,000 ID 1 as entry-level EV

Volkswagen, the famous German automaker, has confirmed that the entry-level model of its electric ID range will be the ID 1 with a price tag of around £17,000.

What are the features of the ID 1?

The ID 1, Volkswagen’s cheapest electric car, is expected to be available in the market in 2025. The model will be built on Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, which will power other EVs in the ID range. The entry-level car will have a limited range of approximately 185 miles on a single charge, so it will be ideally suited for urban driving. However, in a nod to the convenience and practicality needs of today’s drivers, the car will come with the option of a fast charge feature that will recharge the battery up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Why is Volkswagen launching the ID 1?

The launch of the ID 1 is part of Volkswagen’s plan to make electric cars affordable and accessible to a wider customer base. The company is striving to be carbon neutral by 2050 and to reduce the carbon footprint of its vehicles along the way. Volkswagen’s goal is to reduce the costs of EVs to allow for mass adoption and to make clean transportation available to everyone.

What are the benefits of owning an electric car?

There are several benefits to owning an electric car, including direct and indirect cost savings. Direct cost savings come from lower fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, and tax incentives. Indirect cost savings come from reducing the environmental impact of cars, including fewer emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. Additionally, electric cars are much quieter and provide smooth rides, making them more pleasant for both the driver and the passengers.


Volkswagen’s announcement of the affordable ID 1 model is an exciting development for the electric car industry. The company’s efforts to make EVs more affordable and accessible to a wider audience are commendable and will have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions from transportation. While the ID 1 may not be the top-of-the-line model in Volkswagen’s ID range, it will provide an excellent option for customers who are looking for an affordable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly car.

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