How to prepare your car for sale

Independent used car sales-not as easy as it might seem. After all, it is necessary not just to find a potential buyer, or more precisely, make sure that he found you. You need to convince him to buy your car. And here besides price appearance plays an important role.

Why is that? Yes it is very simple, in fact, that the first information about the car people gets it is the eyes. Before reading the announcement of “no bat, not painted” machine for few seconds enough time to evaluate a potential purchase by using your photos. Well, during personal inspection for various “jambs” trying to catch exactly eye. And then the brain starts to analyse all the information, and to compare her with stories of the seller, data, documents, etc.

Therefore say clearly: ozabottes about the appearance of your car before selling. In particular, you definitely need to wash your car like before pictures, so before the personal meeting with the buyer. And today we’ll talk about how to do this correctly. Select five important points that sellers are often overlooked.


You have rubber mats and they proterlis? Then it is better to change them with new ones, spending a penny, but visually the car be perceived quite differently. If the same fabric mats, they must be carefully cleaned. Primarily, the vacuum and then cleaned with shampoo or even just water. There is also another technique. If you take a normal clothes brush and several times to hold it on a rug against the direction of the pile, the mat can be slightly “Refresh” visually.

Hood space

Second, what should I look for when preparing the car is the purity of under-bonnet space. Our drivers are almost never restoring order in the engine compartment, considering that it is simply not necessary. And totally in vain. After all, clods of dirt and beard wires under the hood may alienate from the car no less rust on the bodywork. Induce such order to you just enjoyed working in the engine compartment if necessary. Remove all the leaves, the buds of trees, small branches, etc, which are typically slaughtered between the cover hood and bodywork. Using a fabric cloth and ordinary water gently wipe the cover of the motor, as well as tanks to technical liquids. Look to nowhere and clusters posting. All! Most importantly, do not use for washing of under-bonnet space high pressure apparatus so as not to damage the electrician.

Small details in the Salon

In your car you all familiar, understandable and familiar. And here is the potential buyer sees the machine for the first time, including from within. There is no reason to think that he didn’t notice the dirt and dust. So be sure to pay attention to cleaning hard to reach places. For example, vacuum everything clean seats, niches and coasters, clean plastic, especially in the area of air ducts, wipe door knobs and buttons. Rate your car a critical view. Imagine you got into the car for the first time, think about what you don’t like, and if possible, fix it.


Special attention should be paid to the smell in the car. Of course, all exploit the machine differently-anybody have pets, someone smokes in the cabin, and someone just not retracted into the Salon for years. But all these circumstances absolutely not interested in the potential buyer. Therefore, the machine should not be unpleasant odors. Just don’t try to resolve their various otdushkami and flavors! Will come out even worse! Best-spend on professional car wash, where there is a corresponding service. In a pinch, you can try to remove the unpleasant smell using special means for cleaning the interior decoration (if you trust the source of the fragrance). Let the best smell in the cabin so means than cheap aromatize. But ideally the extraneous odours inside the machine. Incidentally, it is worth and change cabin filter, even if this operation would be premature.

The vehicle

The final paragraph of a programme for the preparation of the car for a photo shoot or inspection will be washing the body. Of course, cleaning it is necessary to pay attention to small details such as the purity of the wheels. If there is body pollution beyond simple washing, for example, traces of kidneys trees, their need to be cleared in addition. Your car really should Flash in all senses of the word, because the impression depends on the client. By the way, if you’re going to photograph car, better not do this directly on the Moika River-find any separate playground with a neutral background. The same applies to inspection of customer meet in neutral territory. Need to wash my car for several hours before the meeting with the buyer.



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