The Tesla Model 3 Performance is everything in one. Review and Price

All in I was able to purchase a brand new 2021 Tesla Model 3 (standard range plus) for $42,000 after taxes. I’m very happy with the purchase. In comparison to other new cars at this price point I think the model 3 is a no brainer if you want a luxury feel for an economy cost. First off I want to address this site saying this is a “non-luxury” car. Simply not true. Stylish and aero-dynamic interior. Insane torque. Heated seats throughout the vehicle.

Auto Pilot. Outstanding Entertainment and Tech package. 0-60mph in 5.3s. Sleek leather interior. Virtually silent on city streets with minimal road noise on the highway relative to previous years models. I don’t know what about that does not spell out “luxury” for these people?? Regardless, I would not recommend you go and buy the sport package or long range and shell out an additional $15-30k on this model unless you plan to drag race frequently or take cross country road trips frequently. For me, a person who is rarely driving, this car is plenty fast and has plenty range. I recently made a trip from Nashville to Chicago. The car drove me literally the whole time on the highway through rain snow sleet and hail. I had to stop all of 4 times at super chargers to get to my destination. A full charge on the standard range model will take you about 45 minutes. While you sit to charge your car you can literally watch Netflix, surf the internet, or scroll through Spotify on the large touchscreen panel.

The seats themselves are comfy enough to take a nap in. People enjoy this car and it’s a great conversation starter. If you feel like blowing $70k for “luxury” than you’d be better suited with a different model. The Cons: This vehicle has extended delivery times and you will notice an inability to coordinate logistics on part of Tesla. Secondly, the service is all through an app and leaves little room for human interaction to get your problems solved.

Poor quality control; car showed up with a taillight literally unplugged.( Pretty minor and easy fix all I had to do was go into the trunk and connect the light to the power source.) Lastly, this car will almost certainly cause distraction while you get used to the touch screen and regenerative braking. That said, once you get used to all the fancy bells and whistles it actually becomes completely unnecessary to use the touchscreen to get from point A to point B. Batter will drain significantly in colder temperatures so I’d be weary of purchasing these vehicle if you live in a cold climate. Hope this review helps anyone in the market.
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