Tips for protecting cars from theft

Protect your car from theft or stealing things from the Interior much easier than it seems. The main thing is to know some simple principles.

Recently, the Swiss Automobile Club TCS gave nine simple tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of car thieves. Sure, these recommendations will be relevant that in Europe, in Russia. We offer them for your consideration.

Stop the vehicle at the fuel stations, and always remove the key from the ignition lock. In such a simple way you activate immobilizer, preventing or significantly hampering the unexpected hijacking.

Never leave valuables in the car: bags, cameras, computers, phones, important documents, or other set of keys. Such items, especially if they are in a prominent place, will always attract attackers.

If you are travelling by car, try to release the car to the Max during the lengthy breeder so as not to attract the attention of thieves.

Always check the manually shut down whether you car. Often criminals with the help of special devices blocking the signal from the transmitter. If you realize that the car for some reason “doesn’t want to be closed”, it is better to immediately leave.

Make sure that the glass and sunroof of the car are also closed. Also check the gas tank hatch-defuelling hooligans also has not been canceled!

If you car parks at night or in an unfamiliar place, don’t leave it in the courtyards, shady parking lots or streets with little traffic.

If possible, leave the machine only at closed underground garages or parking with video surveillance or guarding. Also do not allow third party Aguri at restaurants or hotels (Porter, valet parking, etc), and do not leave them the keys. It is dangerous that the keys may make a copy or fake!

Do not carry the keys in the back pocket of your trousers or external, as well as in handbag. In no event shall lay out the keys on the table in the restaurant or at the bar. Otherwise, the risk of theft!

When you stop at the hotel, always keep the keys in a safe. If you’re staying in a rented apartment, don’t keep the keys in a prominent place, otherwise in the case of a robbery, you will be not only without their belongings, but also without a car.
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