2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser Review and Price

In the past I have purchased a new car every two years; until I bought my 2010 Fj Cruiser. This vehicle is good on and off the road.

While the Jeep is heavier, seems more substantial, and has 30 more HP, I always go for the FJ. It’s a bit hollow-sounding on the road and definitely noisier, it’s just fun to drive. And the biggest plus is its super-bright Sun Fusion color: I can find it in about 1/2 a second in any parking lot!

I haven’t used the 4×4 drive much, but it’s nice to have when needed. People complain about the blind spots in the rear corners, but I quickly got used to that. I really like the auto transmission and the ability to shift down and up as needed. The gear indicator on the gauge panel lets you know which gear you’re in. While not as powerful as the Cherokee, the gearing seems better and the FJ has good torque. Seats are quite comfortable, even on long trips. Radio is decent, but gets lost with road noise. Cruise control is excellent. I also like the more analog/manual controls for Heat, AC, Temperature, and Fan. Easy to find and adjust without having to take my eyes off the road. (The Cherokee is all push-buttons that you have to look at to find–except for the fan knob).


Worst issue: the gauges are woefully under lit. Very difficult to see in daytime. In fact, the whole interior is pretty dark at night. Hard to see even with dome lights on.

I do have a problem with the driver seat slowly lowering itself. Toyota hasn’t been able to fix it so I just adapt. But that isn’t enough to make me dump my Fj. I have no plans to get rid of it.


The positives of this automobile far outweigh the negatives. The Cruiser is expensive, probably due to its rarity. It’s gas mileage is as advertised which is 14 around town and 17 on the open road. It gives an extremely comfortable ride and handles well at all speeds through various types of roadways. I added GPS and Bluetooth which completes my requirements for maximum safe driving features.
The Cruiser will likely become a collectors item and maintains its resale value quite high. While the Cruiser isn’t a notoriously luxury vehicle, it is a comfortable, rugged performer I am proud to be seen in.


Dealer Suggested Retail 
$21,525.00 Used
Private Party Value 
$20,775.00 Used
Key Features & Specs
EPA Classification  4WD Sport Utility Vehicle
MPG/MPGe  21 Highway / 17 City
Engine  Gas V6 4.0L/241 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  4-Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  259

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