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2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Reviews and Price

I own 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV for 3 weeks, maybe that is to early for a review. So far the Bolt exceeded my expectations. In Florida weather and with careful driving this EV repeatedly gets about 4 to 5 mi/kWh which allows for a range of 300+ miles. It has plenty of power if needed, and my version, a redline, has more features than I expected. I would give it 5 stars, what it deserves if fast charging was more than 50kw. The way I see this car, it is a great deal for travels up to 400 miles distance with a 30 min lunch break.

When buying a new or used car, Do your Homework!!! The reason why I gave the Bolt EUV a 2 is Battery warranty only 8 years OR 100,000 miles. Took 3 months to special order. Only Front Wheel Drive, bad for snow covered streets. No frunk in front. Rear trunk hatch is not powered. No auto parrel parking. Super Cruise is free for the first 3 years. But after 3 years must pay a monthly On-Star fee $26 – $35 and told can Only use Super Cruise on interstate roads. Depreciation for a 2022 Bolt is $15,123. N/A for 2023.

Wife is a Anti-Cold Bird. Leaving a EV car during the HOT summer months in mid Florida, concern about high temperature inside a closed garage when gone the 5-6 summer months. Unless told “Not To”, local Chevy dealer adds a $1,899 extra for a 5 item Customer Preferred Package. PROs: Low cost to buy a drive in TOWN car. I wanted the Bolt EUV Premier Because: Outside size is small for wife to park.

Good, large 2nd row seat’s leg & head room, (38″), Roomy enough for 2 tall adults. Big Trunk space for groceries OR 3 large suitcases. Inside Rear view mirror camera shows both side’s blind areas. 360′ cameras show distance of car’s 4 sides when parking. Big PLUS: Regenerative braking. Saves front brake wear. TPM (tire pressure monitoring) & Adaptive Cruise* are standard. *I use in town when set at 50 MPH. I got the Ghost Gray color. So I don’t have to wash the car as much as a darker or lighter colored surface.


MSRP Range: $27,800 – $32,300
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