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2024 Chrysler Pacifica Reviews and Price

Our rental 2024 Chrysler Pacifica has 47K on it. There is a noise that erupts under the passenger side several times in a trip.

The navigation using your smart phone is glitching all the time. My phone was not the main source for using Wyze but it kept doing weird things to my phone. I could not turn my Bluetooth off before it turned right back on. During this glitch my husband’s phone could not work properly to get our route it also routinely chose a different sate to drive to then the one we selected. We got in a lot of fights saying each of use was poking it in wrong when the one entering it saw the address was correct only to give a wrong route.

The back passenger sliding doors would not close unless the people up front poked the button or someone outside pressed the button.

If you want to fold seats down or pull them up the seats in front of it must be shoved forward.

The one chance I drove it, the brakes were impossible to get used to. There is a daily to use to put your car in park, drive, reverse…. what lunatic came up with this. I had to look 5 minutes in the dark for the shifter.

We had to travel with our cat. He hates his carrier and wants to be on your lap. We learned from our own vehicles he is heavy enough to lower an electric window. It ticks me off to no end there are no window locks for the front passenger window. I had to stay on my guard with the window button.

The drivers side window constantly fogged up from the air conditioner. There was no way to remove the humidity from the car. The window was nearly impossible to see out of on hot humid days.

The first time I needed to drop the passenger window it went down. I wanted to put it up and when I pulled up to make it go up it went down further. A couple times it didn’t move at all.

The button placement to shut the back hatch has a stupid placement as well.

There is nothing friendly about this vehicle.

I can’t wait to dump this frustrating piece of technological garbage off.

One of my friends drove a Crysler several years ago. I hated that van the few times I rode in it.

Next discovery is my husband thought it was a hybrid because the engine ran so rough when you sat still then engaged the engine. It is apparently not a hybrid and apparently just wants to die during idling.

My husband hates the side mirrors. The blind spots on the van nearly got him in an accident.

What is with the stupid alarms as well when a car returns in front of you but you get a little close and in bold on the screen it shows BRAKE followed by insane alarms. Nothing like scaring the crap out of the diver and the spouse

MSRP Range: $38,425 – $61,225
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