The funny thing about this is that I never wanted a Corvette as a kid. The 70’s and 80’s versions were weak, and didn’t offer good handling. The interiors were also something to behold, and not in a good way. The C7 version of the Vette has got it right though. It is fast, quick […]

This review based on 17 Elantra Sedan Limited with Ultimate package. The 17 Elantra is a BIG improvement in ride and quiet vs the prev generation. Lots of features for the ACTUAL selling price (after dealer discounts & rebates). Was looking at Civics, but got FULLY loaded Elantra (leather, nav, upgraded stereo, safety package, etc.) […]

This was a very good car for the price. I bought a 2017 1.4 turbo jetta for $14,600 (no trade in), which came out to $16,600 walkout price after TTL and dealer fees (with lifetime power-train warranty). This was in October 2016. I wish I had waited 2 months, because the price ended up dropping […]

I’ve always had a truck or an SUV so not having 4wd is a bummer, sitting low to the ground is a bummer, but I have to admit the car has a nice ride and the other Chevy’s like the spark, Cruze, Malibu all made me feel cramped. or felt cheap, this car was different, […]

2017 2SS Camaro with premium audio and a manual transmission. It’s a 50th anniversary SS model. Beautiful car with tons of power. We live in the mountains of North Carolina and are averaging 22-23 mpg with 25 on the highway. We have had it for about 2 months and it seem s to be well built. […]

Bought my silver Prime Premium almost 3 weeks ago and it has been an excellent car. I’m a heavy commuter, driving an average of 125 miles per day 3 days a week for work. Average around town driving the rest of the week, but it adds up quickly because I live in back country and […]

I’ve put almost 27,000 miles on this car in a bit over a year. Still looks nearly brand new. I’ve had no mechanical issues, only issues are punctured tires (blame where I live). It has pretty decent pickup for an economy car, gets a pretty reliable 33 mpg city and 38-43 mpg highway. I’ve gone […]

Very good car but at least mine has had its flaws, bought an SL model used Dec 2017 with 24k miles for 25K plus tax, would never buy new as it looses value quickly. The car drives very well and is comfortable, I had no issues with the transmission which feels smooth, overall the car […]

After my wife got in an accident (luckily with minor bruises) and totaled our last car (1998 Honda Civic), we wanted to get a replacement where safety was a number 1 priority.   We were attracted to the standard AWD and we bought a 2018 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited with Eyesight, with all the bells […]

Coming from a 2006 Ford Focus that was costing more in monthly maintenance than a car payment, it was like driving a luxury car off the lot. The electric motor is virtually silent and the ICE engine is barely noticeable when it comes on. The steering, though lacking a bit of road feel, is accurate […]