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2024 BMW X3 Review

2024 BMW X3 – My first SUV and I very pleased with the way it handles, the design inside and out and the great technology that’s included. Had great safety features, it’s very quiet and very agile on the road.

For context: not sure how many reviewers here have actually driven this car before – I have been driving it as a rental car for 2.5 weeks and am so looking forward to returning it in a few days.

Key problem areas:
– jarring ride quality even in comfort
– steering which requires constant corrections in both low speed and highway speed cornering
– accelerator pedal very sensitive and therefore (I) jerky from stand still and (ii) hard to keep constant speed at highway cruising
– seats are AWEFUL. Lower back pain (which I never get) kicking in after an hour of driving
– speedometer clarity / design is terrible….you will end up only ever using the head up display

On the plus side
– pretty impressive fuel efficiency for a performance trim
– built quality (much better than Mercedes’ e class – in my opinion anyways)…feels very premium
– engine pull is good but not great

I think there is little more road noise as compare to my 2019 x3. I am not happy about it. It feels more as car drive as compare to solid SUV drive. The doors are lighter and does have a usual BMW thump sound on closure. It drives well, only a week old no complaints. The changes in idrive are always painful and relearning. I am not sure that BMW brand is moving towards not maintaining some of it’s own standard or it’s just a change. I am upset the dealership did not give me OEM BMW mats as I expected. I should not have trusted them!

What was BMW thinking to sacrifice on so many ends to put together a pretend performance car which isn’t even all that fast???


MSRP Range: $46,900 – $61,900

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