2019 Kia Optima LX Automatic Transmission Review and Price

Recently I finally changed my BMW 3 series to the new Kia Optima. I wanted to purchase a BMW 7 series, but I didn’t have enough money so I found a good alternative – Kia Optima.

When I got in the car during the test drive I tell you honestly that I almost did not notice the difference with the BMW 7 series. It has everything I wanted in a luxury car for myself. This includes leather seats with memory that memorize the position of the body, leather steering wheel, comfortable instrument console, LCD display with premium music, a good navigation system, LCD monitors in the headrests of the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, where you can watch movies, mahogany interior trim, a large spacious interior, a large luggage compartment.

The car has an impressive exterior, a powerful turbocharged engine.
When driving, I immediately felt a pleasant pressing of the body into the seat at a smooth acceleration. The engine capacity of 185 horsepower is enough for acceleration in the city and on the highway.

This car is for respectable people who appreciate comfort.
The wife was particularly delighted with the panoramic roof.

When choosing this car when I looked into the issue of body corrosion, in our city I did not find a single car with a clear sign of metal corrosion. I wanted to see how Kia’s used car bodies feel in our difficult climate. I was surprised to find no rusty car more than seven years old. I was pleasantly surprised and this was one of the advantages when choosing this car. This indicates good protection of the car body from corrosion.
The exterior of the car is similar to an Executive class car.
In this car, it is probably difficult to imagine what is not here and what else can be done.
The car has a very large selection of accessories and additional options, you can even install a massage chair. In short, everything speaks of luxury and is equipped with the latest technology.
You just sit down and go where you need to go, and then you leave without turning around and not filling your head full of unnecessary problems. It does not provoke you to drive fast, it does not build a sports car in terms of handling, but it does not outrage you with slow reactions. It is not tooth-crushing hard, but it does not lull you to sleep with excessive softness. It just does what it has to do — as neutral and correct as possible. This is the Optimum, isn’t it?

Based on the results of a month-long test, I can say that this car is one of the most balanced and stress-free in its price category.

After a month of operation, I tried to remember any annoying flaws or unpleasant little things Optima, and could not. Yes, I still don’t like the multimedia system of the Hyundai-Kia group of cars, which every time you connect external devices tries to turn into a pumpkin, and which in comparison with the huge monitor in the “exclusive” “Camry” seems like a calculator display.

EPA Classification Mid-Size Cars
MPG/MPGe 33 Highway / 24 City
Engine Regular Unleaded I-4 2.4L/144 cu in
Transmission Automatic w/OD
Drive Train Front Wheel Drive
Seating 5
Horsepower 185

Starting MSRP $22,990.00

Destination Charge $925.00

Dealer Suggested Retail $23,915.00

8 Total Score
2019 Kia Optima LX Automatic Transmission

By the way, about Toyota and other competitors. Among them, Kia Optima as always adheres to neutrality in driving habits, but unlike most others offers more equipment for the same money.

  • this car is great.
  • i had a chevvy impala and this car is 100 percent batter.
  • good warrenty and wow what a car
  • no

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