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2024 Audi A5 Reviews

My 2024 Audi A5, with Premium Plus Options, is a special set of wheels. The black-on-black exterior and interior is stunning and the styling and performance are awesome. This car is a sports car in disguise and gets lots of attention wherever I go. This is my first Audi, after primarily driving BMW, MBENZ, Porsche, and Corvette, and I am very impressed with this car. I might be an Audi fan for life after owning and driving this A5 convertible!

Keeping it short and simple. First became interested in this car because of the styling, including the LED headlamps, dynamic rear lamps and the overall look. My lease was up on my BMW 330i and was considering getting a new one. After test driving the Audi A5 Sportback Premium Plus, I was sold. All the conveniences at your fingertips. It feels like you’re sitting in a cockpit, ready to take on and master any challenging obstacle course. But I digress.

PROs: sport handling, clean lines, modern interior, power-folding mirrors, fingertip conveniences

CONs: antiquated Apple CarPlay (non wireless), non-touchscreen display, no pleasing “Home Screen” – only a confusing display of options like Audi Connect, Sound, etc, connectivity issues, lack of front storage for daily items, cumbersome controls on the steering wheel APP CONs: does not allow location monitoring while car is in motion, lacks remote engine start, lacks pre climatization, cannot sound horn remotely or flash lights

Purchased a new ’22 A5 Sportback Premium Plus in September 2022. After 6 months of ownership quite happy with most of it. What I like most: Styling, comfort, fuel economy, quietness, ride quality, handling. Engine, even though only 2.0 with 261 bhp, it’s adequately quick and refined.

What I don’t like: Initial quality is not what I expected to get. Got a noisy moonroof operation and what seems like a one bad wheel hub. Still haven’t taken it yet to dealer to address. Other than that, since the platform dates back to 2018 introduction, the interior is somewhat dated even though I still like it and feel it’s high quality. Only niggling complaints, the infotainment screen is not integrated into dash like many newer generation vehicles, the lack of a power tilt/telescoping wheel, and GPS Nav being a option on a $55K MSRP vehicle. If I had to do it again probably would have gone looking at the BMW 330i/340i also.

MSRP Range: $45,500 – $56,250

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