Every fifth driver is afraid of the car wash

30 percent of Swedes suffer from fear of flying and 45 percent are afraid of swimming in open water.

And apparently, automatic car washes are also something to fear. That is, according to 19% of 1,016 motorists who answered in a survey conducted by Yougov on behalf of the Sustainable Car Wash industry initiative.

– Being afraid to drive into a car wash may sound harmless compared to other fears, but going so far as to avoid car washes and washing the car at home instead becomes a problem. This can be due to uncertainty about how to get onto the ramps, fear that the car will be repaired, that water will come in or that you simply feel trapped in a confined space, says Robert Dimmlich, Sustainable Car Wash Initiator.

To get rid of their car wash fears have fun. psychologist and KBT therapist Maria Farm some advice along the way:
1. Confront your concerns step by step. A first step can be to go to a car wash and ask the staff to show how it goes and tell what happens during the car wash itself. It increases the feeling that you are in control and can actually handle it.
2. Bring company! It should be someone who does not feel the same anxiety as you but can support you if needed.
3. Stay calm. The brain has difficulty distinguishing between physical and mental stress. Do you notice that the pulse goes up and the panic comes creeping in so breathe long, deep breaths. Sit comfortably, relax and try not to get excited. Calm and harmonious music can also help.
4. Do not close your eyes but look at what is happening around you. Please describe to yourself highly what you see. It reduces the risk that your imagination shines away and increases your rational thinking instead.
5. Set a goal that you will succeed and reward yourself when you are done! Maybe with a good dinner, or a movie visit!

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