The Lexus LS 600h is a top-class four-wheel drive luxury car. But what makes it truly unique is its hybrid operation. Thanks to it, fuel consumption has been able to be squeezed to the same level as a Volvo V70. We have run the test! Now there is even an environmentally friendly alternative in the […]

Renault Twingo was scolded by security experts and called lethal when launched in 1993, misses that were corrected a few years later. Now Renault is investing in a come back in Sweden, where the car has not been sold in five years. Unfortunately, a new safety miss is haunting the scene – the car lacks […]

In both the world of automotive and the automotive industry, there is wild speculation about what will happen to Volvo cars. Ford wants to sell because the American company is in dire need of cash. It has been speculated for months now about who will take over passenger car manufacturing in Gothenburg. That Ford would […]

Although it has proven to be both stingy and reliable so far, the low cost car test kia Ceed is not the first we would choose for a long holiday trip. It has its causes. On smooth roads and at low speeds, Kian is reasonably comfortable to ride in, but on uneven ground the passengers […]

The Skoda Roomster is the shortest and narrowest car in our test stall, yet it can swallow almost as much cargo as the two significantly larger family buses. Roomster is as composed of two cars. At the front, it is reminiscent of a handy sports car with low windows and sweeping lines. Behind the front […]

Volvo has created a really small road bead that can withstand both long and hard driving. Preferably on crooked forest roads where the driver can push the fine road keeping and balance fully. The engine in our car – Volvo’s good-sounding 2.4 liter 2.4-liter – of course spices the driving characteristics. It likes gasoline, but […]

Porsche has developed a fast and in-terrain rescue vehicle. 15 students, apprentices, at Porsche AG in Stuttgart have transformed the suave model Cayenne S into a modern emergency vehicle for rescue workers. The prototype will be used by the company’s own health care. The interior is totally changed compared to the original standard car. The […]

This must be the perfect Saab. I have never, as a motor journalist, ever encountered a Saab that is so fun to drive and so stable and well-balanced. We have tested the new, upgraded, Saab 9-3 which is currently being released for the world automotive media. The test drive also included a tour with the […]

Peugeot’s tradition of driving small cars lives on. In the wake of the 205 GTi in the 80s and most recently the 206 RC, Peugeot continues the legacy by launching an RC version of the 207 model. Under the hood is the 1.6 liter petrol turbo engine which produces 174 hp with the highest torque […]