1997 Honda Civic LX review and price

It’s a great car. It’s very reliable. We have four cars in our driveway and this is the only one running. If something does break it’s pretty easy to work on. It’s got great handling. Anyone who has drove it is always so surpriseed how responsive the steering is especially for the year. Because of it’s weight it has pretty decent acceleration. However, it’s small so space is limited. Having the 2 doors model does suck, but thankfully i don’t use the back seats much. Of course being older it doesn’t have all the amenities that newer cars have. All around great car especially if you’re a younger driver with less family responsibilities.

This car is getting on in years but there are few like it as far as when one engine reaches the end of its life you can just pop in a new one. I like to reFer to it as a poor man’s 70’s muscle car because practically every thigh on this car can be bolted off cleaned repaired and replaced. I personally know nothing about cars yet I have taken this vehicle apart down to the Last screw and put it back together with no issues. Truly a car for those who wish to break the chains of the untrustworthy mechanic and save a ton of money in the process. If you can turn a wrench you can keep this car going for life.



EPA Classification  Sub-Compact
MPG/MPGe  38 Highway / 32 City
Engine  Gas I4 1.6L/97 cu in
Transmission  Manual
Drive Train  Front Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  106
Private Party Value 

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