2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Review and Price

PROS: Looks; Performance; Gas mileage; Comfort; Trunk size.
CONS: Gas Mileage; Cruise Control; Blind Spots.
VEHICLE: 2016 2.3L Mustang Eco-boost Premium with 6-speed automatic transmission
EXTERIOR COLOR: Guard Metallic
INTERIOR COLOR: Dark Saddle Leather Trim Power Seat


I’ve owned the vehicle for over a year and enjoy it very much. It’s my second vehicle that I only drive a couple days per week and on out-of-town trips. My local driving is a combination of rural roads and interstate. I’ve yet to achieve the rated 32 MPG highway mileage, but I’m still averaging ~24 combined MPG. I expect the MPG to increase as the miles build. A drop of 300-to-500 pounds would be a welcome improvement.

The Guard Metallic color is an attractive color on this vehicle. It’s one of those colors that, depending on sunlight looks green to some, or black or silver to others. I’m always receiving “positive” complements on it. The dark saddle interior is also a big plus.

The performance is good and meets most of my expectations. I’ve not personally tested/verified the performance numbers, but there are plenty of automotive review experts (and some amateurs) who have, and I’m satisfied my vehicle is within their test perimeter’s, or at least it feels so too me. It would be proper for this vehicle to at least have the engine in the Fusion Sport to ensure its performance numbers are on par (or above) those of its 4-door stable mate.

This is a very comfortable traveling vehicle for 2-adults and their luggage. If the large trunk does not have enough space, you can drop the rear seat backs. This should provide more than enough luggage capacity for weeks of traveling enjoyment.

Although it is a good, comfortable, and excellent handling cruiser, it does have some large rear blind spots. The blind-spot detection and warning systems are an excellent addition. They should be mandatory on all vehicles. Adaptable Cruise Control, which is available but not on my vehicle, works with these safety systems and would be a welcome addition.

I place gas mileage in both pros and cons because I’m not currently experiencing the MPG numbers I expect, however, the vehicle is still be broken in. I’ve only driven one (1) long range trip (~13-hours), and I was able to average 30-MPG. On short range trips (~2-to-3-hours), I’m seeing ~26 MPG, but they include mountainous travel (between Chattanooga, TN and Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN).

I am very pleased with this vehicle and give it thumbs-up recommendation.

Dealer Suggested Retail $22,850.00 Used
Private Party Value $21,500.00 Used

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