2016 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition Review and Comparison

Low front end which means it gets scraped beneath frequently. At 32,000 miles the tires were worn out and had to be replaced. No tire warranty based on mileage, only workmanship. Also, no spare tire, not even a donut. A new system that they did not explain where you hook it up to your cigarette lighter (compressor) and connect it to the tire to air it up after using a can of something similar to Fix-A-Flat (advise: save a worn out tire for an emergency spare).

Front seat head rests are uncomfortable (as most new cars are) but I reversed them. Expensive to repair: a deer hit the car $5,300; hit a small pole in a parking lot at 10 mph $3,200. The car insurance is more expensive, too, based on the repair cost history of all Hyundai Elantras. Road noise is loud. On the positive side, it looks beautiful and was affordable. You can lay the back seats down which makes it versatile for bringing home long items. Bluetooth and backup camera are nice.

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