The 2016 Honda Accord Sport – A Good Car

This is a good car, especially the Sports version. I can’t say much about the V6 version. I haven’t tried that yet.
I like this car over the 2016 Camry and other cars in the 2016 Series (Altima, Optima, Mazda 6, Legacy, Lancer). It has the luxury car look. Comfortable to Drive. This car contains a maintenance minder. What that means is it tells you when it’s due for maintenance such as oil changes.You should still top your fluids if you think you’re low though. The vehicle has an economy mode where the engine isn’t use fully,
saving you on some gas. I found the average fuel I get off this vehicle is around 25 miles to the gallon, in a mix of street and highway.

The rims on the sports version, makes this car stand out. The rims on this version is good enough where you don’t have to get another set of rims. It beats all the other models and even some luxury models with the Sports rim design.

Regarding the comments and reviews with vibration issues with this car. You get used to it so much so that you don’t notice it anymore. If you have an issue with the vibration then it must be a case by case basis. I know some people are more vulnerable to certain frequencies of light, sound, vibrations – you name it.

Back to the car, I appreciate the aluminum pedals. The 2016 Camry doesn’t have that. The 2016 version of the Avalon is almost a nice matchup but the Avalon is more expensive. Most ports cars in 2016 have paddle wheels – so does this one. This car is slightly longer than the 2016 Camry. It’s not a racing car, but if you’re currently driving a corolla or your basic entry level vehicle, this is a nice change. Design, price, handling, space, comfort, features- the whole package is very nice and competitive.

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