2016 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Review and Price

This is my first personal car. Family has a Lexus RX330, Honda CR-V, and had a Mercury Villager (Legacy is the replacement after its time was up). I was put in the position to do all the research and pick the best car for the price + our surroundings. We live in Chicago where there’s a bunch of snow each year. I wanted a mid size sedan since all of our other cars are unnecessarily big cars. After several recommendations from friends and family I picked up this.

A lot of people say this car isn’t that good looking. I beg to differ. As a 20 y/o male (Don’t worry I’m paying my parents back for the car since I have zero credit) I find this car very attractive. Probably behind the 2017 Honda Civic. That’s saying a lot since young adults are all about the aesthetics of a car rather than performance, price, quality, reliability, safety, etc.

The service is top notch. I get e-mails about upcoming oil change and recalls. Whenever I call they pick up within 5 seconds and have my problem resolved in 10.

I love that this car has a huge trunk. I was able to fit 2 full size luggage in the back with some room to spare. I sat in the backseat a few times and I didn’t feel like it was cramped even with 2 other people. The driver seat is super comfortable too. Very nice for 20-25 minute commutes. Haven’t driven longer since I don’t need to.

As for the driving I really like it. The breaks are great. I can smoothly come to a stop or do a hard stop if need be. I’ve driven the CR-V and the break is too sensitive. The RX330 is way too insensitive. This is a great balance between both. I love when I get up to 3-4K RPM you can hear the engine. Not too loud but really gives that satisfying feel.

I could go more in depth but guys like Engineering Explained on YouTube did an excellent job on going over every you need to know about the car.

Dealer Suggested Retail $16,050.00 Used

Private Party Value $15,050.00 Used