2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE Review and Price

The Toyota RAV4 is valued for its reliability, safety, roominess and design with a normal engine capacity (2.5 l), and even in a hybrid version.

The first impression of the design I got while looking around at the dealer – there were already a couple of demo copies. The car looks quite modern, although it seems more elongated and low.

On the test drive, I carefully slid off the sidewalk and tried the gas pedal for responsiveness. What can I say? A hybrid paired with a variator is not the most sporty combination. The overall feeling of driving and reaction to the steering wheel – a slight slowing down, on a fast ride does not pull. In order not to be distracted by the search for the road, I decided to drive along the route “how to work”, then along the usual road “circle back”.

After getting used to it a bit, I decided to switch to the sport mode, trying not to think about what will happen with the consumption and hints of “more than 50% on electricity”. What will be will be. The car was clearly alive, though the slight background lethargy remained. Maybe this is my subjective opinion, Yes, faster, and noticeably faster. For movement (even not quite unhurried), the car is quite suitable. And no one expects more from her. So basically everything is ok.

The trunk is large and flat. You can take it for family travel.

The lane tracking system sometimes works strangely, using cameras to detect lanes and whether the car accidentally leaves them. But it seems so, even on fairly well-maintained roads, the lanes were not tracked perfectly. In addition, all the system does is slightly taxiing in the other direction. The steering wheel does not pull out of your hands, but there is a slight push. I didn’t take any chances, but it feels like if you “let it go”, the car will start to carry from one side of the lane to the other until the system skips the lane and the car does not fly out of the way at all. I didn’t try it, but I didn’t feel like it. Let’s just say the pleasure is questionable. I would prefer automatic collision tracking at a low speed like in a traffic jam.

There were no special complaints about the devices – everything is quite standard and readable.

That’s just the graphics on the screen when moving back really some quite 80’s.

The “hanging” design of the center console and the newfangled “protruding” details such as the navigation display did not cause me much enthusiasm, but it is probably a matter of habit. I am quite conservative by nature, so a calmer design would suit me more.

On the spot, the dealer gave me a sly look and asked if I wanted to know about my expense. Well, let’s say. And here I was waiting for a pleasant surprise – the average consumption, even considering the slowness turned out to be 5.8 l/ 100 km and I drove… still most of the (57%) on electricity. Well, this, of course, if you believe the testimony of the computer.

But in general, very good.

EPA Classification Small Sport Utility Vehicles 4WD
MPG/MPGe 38 Highway / 41 City
Engine Gas/Electric I-4 2.5L/152 cu in
Transmission CVT w/OD
Drive Train All Wheel
Seating 5
Horsepower 219

Starting MSRP $29,650.00

Destination Charge $1,120.00

Dealer Suggested Retail $30,770.00

9 Total Score
2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE

In general, the car did not cause any great emotions or negativity. It is quite economical to travel to work, but it can be quite interesting for a vacation. Although it is necessary to stipulate that when driving on the autobahn and constantly running 2.5 liters, there will be no miracle, but the first traffic jam will help save a couple of trees.

  • Spacious interior.
  • Family SUV.
  • Weak graphics.

  1. Absolutely in love with this totally redesigned SUV

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