Why can increase fuel consumption?

Working fluid

Of course, the most banal reason increased consumption is the use of low-quality fuel. If petrol or diesel with its chemical composition, does not conform to, its combustion occurs abnormally. This means that the engine control unit is trying to fix the problem and gives a command to enrich the mixture by submitting more fuel. Not to blow the money down the drain along with not fully burned fuel, better fill fuel gas stations known network companies.

The fuel consumption can also influence poor motor oil or his late replacement.

Electronic control unit

Modern engine work depends on many factors, and the motor is controlled by a computer. Depending on the testimony of a multitude of sensors adapts the work of executive mechanisms (frequency and angle plugs, fuel injectors, injection angle, throttle opening, fuel pressure, and so on) under the current mode of movement. If testimony from any faulty sensor give out incorrect data, the ECU picks for motor erroneous program that may cause improper combustion of the fuel/air mixture and, therefore, increased fuel consumption. Fortunately, as a rule, if one of the sensors produces inaccurate data, the display lights up on the dashboard “Check engine”.

In this case, you should contact for service, where experts believe the error and help you understand what executive mechanism or the sensor needs to be replaced.

Mass air flow sensor

Separate mention should be made of mass air flow sensor. Because leaks air supply channels to it leads to distortions of evidence of a real and actual through-flow of air in the combustion chamber. Hence invalid stoichiometric air-fuel ratio of work DVS in poluavarijnom mode, with all the attendant consequences.
That’s why when diagnosing car complained of rough engine operation and increased consumption in the first place, proverjajutt mass air flow sensor (DFID).

Fuel filter

Don’t always blame consumption increased electronics. The cause may be a clogged fuel filter.
In this case, the fuel pressure falls below the calculated, and ECU instructs the longer injector opening, to bring fuel flow rate. It seems to be okay, but there is one nuance — scored fuel filter pressure jumping with high frequency and very unstable, so the electronic “brains” simply do not have time to adapt to changes, causing uneven fuel flow combustion chamber and unpredictable (often increased) consumption.

Air filter

Another filter that affects fuel consumption,-air. It is believed that the general structural feature of piston INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINE is lack of air, which is required for complete combustion (and it decides on modern engines decides to turbocharging).

Now, imagine how much harder the motor suck in air when air filter clogged with dust and dirt. Besides, in this case, the motor is stronger powers and consumes more fuel. That is why air filter change when changing the engine oil.

Exhaust system

To DWS regularly worked, he must not only “inhale”, but also freely “expired”-through the exhaust system. When scored final channels GBC or scored catalyst, creating resistance to the exhaust outlet, the engine has to spend more energy on “squeezing” products of fuel combustion. Therefore, in order to maintain the working capacity of the motor have to burn more “gorjuchki”.

Reciprocating group

Wear of piston group is quite a common phenomenon for high mileage engines (over 100 000 km). On the “tired” motors increased fuel consumption due to the violation of compression in cylinders.
If it is not sufficiently high return indicators are deteriorating and motor to achieve the desired impact engine you need to burn more fuel. Of which, by the way, Burns is not completely, as all processes initially calculated at nominal compression.

Additional equipment

Not all the reasons for the increased fuel consumption associated with technical nuances. Impact on fuel consumption and equipment — air conditioning, powerful sound system, lighting and other serious users of power load generator that is associated with belt-driven engine. And elevated energy costs DVS spinning generator provokes increased “appetite” of the motor.

(FILES) In a file picture taken on February 28, 2012 a motorist refuels at a gas pump in the northern city of Lille. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault promised on August 22, 2012 a modest and temporary cut to the taxes on petrol and diesel in order to reduce pump prices for drivers. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUENPHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/GettyImages


Tires affect fuel consumption too! For example, low tire pressure leads to increased rolling resistance. This means that part of the fuel is wasted on overcoming resistance and is not converted to the actual work of the movement of the car in space-hence the increased consumption.

Precisely in order to further improve the fuel consumption and power-reserve, many hybrid cars and electric cars establish a narrow and rigid casings.

Driving style

The most obvious reason. Active braking and accelerations, as well as aggressive riding inevitably has an impact on fuel consumption.

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