Porsche’s rescue car

Porsche has developed a fast and in-terrain rescue vehicle. 15 students, apprentices, at Porsche AG in Stuttgart have transformed the suave model Cayenne S into a modern emergency vehicle for rescue workers. The prototype will be used by the company’s own health care.
The interior is totally changed compared to the original standard car. The rear seat and passenger seat have been given space for an aluminum frame structure, on which a stretcher can be pushed through the car’s tailgate. Adjacent to the stretcher is a seat for the emergency physician.

The modified Cayenne S, from the first generation, gives the doctor access to the very latest medical equipment to provide first aid to the patient. Among other things, here is the ECG with a defibrillator – which is an equipment for treating patients with cardiac arrhythmia with electric shock – an electric suction, a rescue backpack and various tools for rescue work.

The idea and concept for this rescue Cayenne came from Porsche’s company doctors. Occupational medicine gave the apprentices the task of building a total of four rescue vehicles that will be deployed at Porsche’s factories in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Weissach and Leipzig. A Cayenne will also be stationed at Porsche’s test track in Weissach.

Porsche students have already gained extensive experience in equipping special vehicles. Six Cayenne pieces, one of which is an emergency medical car, have already been built with various special equipment for use in the fire brigade and the company’s security service.

Each vehicle is unique with many special solutions. These special projects allow teamwork across the boundaries of the training of construction mechanics, electronics specialists, automotive mechanics specialists, interior fitters and painters, says Dieter Esser, Porsche’s development manager.

-This challenge requires the highest level of craftsmanship and accuracy and that motivates the young people. What is particularly attractive is that it is about creating a product that is extremely useful, rather than just training with pure exercise material.

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